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Project Description

Bear 71 is an interactive documentary about the intersection between humans, animals and technology. It’s a commentary on how we look at the world through a lens of science, data and surveillance. The story is spawned from 11 years of infrared photos and data from a Parks Canada study on animal migration patterns due to suburban expansion in The Bow River Valley in Canada.

My involvement in the project included Flash Actionscript programming, motion design on the intro sequence, integration with the NFB framework, and deployment to the NFB production servers.

Welcome to Pine Point was launched early 2011 and quickly received a lot of attention from the documentary community. The project garnered several accolades including two Webby Awards and a Canadian New Media Award.

In January 2015, an iPad version of the Welcome to Pine Point was released. Apart from a few minor UI changes, made to take advantage of touch gestures on the tablet, it was a pretty straightforward conversion using Adobe AIR.It’s quite impressive that the project performs so smoothly on iPad 2, considering there was no GPU optimization – it’s all standard Flash DisplayList. This is a real testament to the dedicated work of the Flash Platform engineering team who are constantly improving this cross-platform creative development tool.

Animation Flash Professional
Audio SoundBooth
Encoding Flash Media Encoder
IDE Dreamweaver, Flash Builder
Photos Fireworks, Photoshop
Programming Actionscript, Javascript

Project Details

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