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Bringing VR to Life – Tilt Brush Weightlifter

Inspired by the Olympics, this 3D sketch of a weightlifter was painted in virtual reality with Google Tilt Brush. This VR experiment followed the same rigging process as the Ballerina and Banjo Busker, but this time several motion-capture animations were blended together to create a cohesive sequence. Animation blending isn't a feature in [...]

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Bringing VR to Life – Tilt Brush Ballerina

Quick sketch of a ballerina painted in virtual reality with Google Tilt Brush, found dancing in front of the Plaza of Nations. Used the same production process as the Banjo Busker. 3D Model Google Tilt Brush Camera iPhone 6S Camera Tracking The Foundry Nuke Compositing & Rendering The Foundry MODO Titles Adobe [...]

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Bringing VR to Life – Banjo Busker

Another experiment creating content in VR with Tilt Brush, this time a busker playing the banjo on the Marking High Tide and Waiting for Low Tide installation in False Creek. I used a similar production process as Walking in Woodwards, but this time instead of creating the rig in MODO, I used [...]

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Bringing VR to Life – Walking in Woodwards

Being fortunate enough to have access to an HTC Vive, I've been able to test a few content creation tools in virtual reality. Currently my favourite tool is Google Tilt Brush which allows you to paint with streams of light in 3D. The Tilt Brush team recently added a feature that allows the export of your 3D paintings [...]

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Building a Bob House VR

A year ago I created Building a Bob House, a computer animated rendering of an ice fishing shack being assembled in the middle of an frozen lake. http://v1nc3nt.com/building-a-bob-house/ This is the same scene, but rendered in stereoscopic 360 3D video to be viewed in a VR head-mounted display like the Google Cardboard. https://youtu.be/eBHKgGaYsyE If [...]

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Building a Bob House

A Canadian winter-inspired experiment in modeling, particles, dynamics, animation, lighting and rendering with modo. A bob house, also known as an ice shanty, is a portable ice fishing shed placed on frozen lakes to provide shelter from windy, frigid conditions. The 3D model is based off of an ice fishing shack built by Jordan Bennett as part [...]

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The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt is an interactive photo essay about the strength of family bonds, tradition and a cabin in the woods. In 2009 Montreal-based photographer Alexi Hobbs documented the final hunting trip of his 90-year old grandfather Antonio Pit Allard in a photo collection called Hunters & Heirs.  The NFB discovered the photos online and saw potential in them [...]

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CrossFit Empower

Have you ever consider working out in the buff? That's exactly what my friend Corey Lapell did to kick off his Where in the World is Fran world tour with a mission to perform the infamous CrossFit workout Fran across the globe. Corey Lapell I first met Corey at CrossFit Vancouver while he was going through the [...]

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NFB Easter Eggs

An Easter experiment with particles, dynamics, lighting and rendering in modo. To create the congealing effect, I started by modeling a container mesh shaped like the NFB logo and poured in easter egg instances using gravity and dynamics. Next, I removed the container and let gravity and physics crumble the structure and scatter the eggs. Finished [...]

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