Inspired by the Olympics, this 3D sketch of a weightlifter was painted in virtual reality with Google Tilt Brush.

This VR experiment followed the same rigging process as the Ballerina and Banjo Busker, but this time several motion-capture animations were blended together to create a cohesive sequence. Animation blending isn’t a feature in MODO yet, but Unity makes animation blending easy through its Animation Controller system. Setting up a script to control jumping between multiple cameras angles in Unity was a breeze. Adding chalk dust using Unity’s particle system was also very straight forward. There are many advantages to using real-time game engines for video production workflows. Looking forward to when the rendering quality of real-time engines improve to the level of off-line renderers like MODO, V-Ray and Octane renderer.

Particles & RenderingUnity 3D

3D Model Google Tilt Brush
Rigging The Foundry MODO
Titles Adobe Flash
Typeface Gotham Light
Video Adobe Premiere
Audio Apple Logic Pro X
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