Have you ever consider working out in the buff? That’s exactly what my friend Corey Lapell did to kick off his Where in the World is Fran world tour with a mission to perform the infamous CrossFit workout Fran across the globe.

Corey Lapell

Corey Lapell

I first met Corey at CrossFit Vancouver while he was going through the apprentice coach program. He’s an inspirational example of someone who had the courage to walk away from a comfortable life and risk making radical changes in pursuit of growing a dream.

After he and his amazingly supportive family returned from their world tour, they decided that their calling was to open up a CrossFit gym in the Dunbar neighbourhood of Vancouver. In a crowded market of CrossFit gyms, Corey’s positive energy and inclusiveness makes him stand out – he’s a knowledgable coach who genuinely cares for his clients and tailors workouts for every age and ability.

For the grand opening of CrossFit Empower I created this poster as a gift. I tried to encompass the diversity of CrossFit workouts, Corey’s philosophy of personal growth and of course a little classic CrossFit white and blue. The silhouette of the kettlebell-swinging person is based off of a photo of Corey at a CrossFit competition. In hindsight I probably should have drawn it in the buff.

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